But our dominant communication platforms are designed for

superficial dopamine hits

that rile us up and leave us without meaningful connection once we crash.

With Slow Talk, organizations of any size can offer their people small group discussions that cultivate connected, aligned, and empowered cultures through a combination of:


Slow Talks feature media prompts from either internal leaders or external experts to frame and guide discussion.

Guided Conversation

Participants engage in structured real-time discussion based on best-practices from thousands of hours of online dialogue. A human powered Conversational Assistant is always present to ensure discussions stay on track and constructive.

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all the hassles of herding humans… handled

evidence-based design with demonstrable results

unprecedented scale and price-point

Navigating Change

Help your people understand their role in the organization’s vision, cultivate a greater sense of belonging and surface insights regarding where the waters could get choppy before you hit them.

Developing Leaders

Offer custom professional development programs that enable participants to actively grapple with key concepts, put those concepts into practice and get feedback and support from their peers.

Cultivating Healthy Culture

Provide ongoing forums to cultivate an inclusive, aligned and engaged organizational culture whether via on-boarding, DEI workshops, team-building exercises, or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).


Slow Talk is a new public benefit corporation dedicated to cultivating a shared sense of belonging in a fragmented world.